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First Name * Geoff
Username * Gehof
Country * USA
City Lewisville
Nationality US


Current Position Animator
Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames Console
Preferred Tools AnimationCompositingEditingRigging3ds maxMayaPhotoshopShakeXSI




I'm 20, I've been into 3D Apps for about 2 years now. Animation has been my preference in 3D fields since about June '05, and I've been seriously animating for about 6 months (most of my time has been spent on other things due to various classes though, so I haven't gotten to spend as much time on animation as I'd like). Hopefully my reel should be ready in a couple weeks from now, I'm working on stuff to fill it with at this very moment.

I'm originally from Grand Rapids, MI and am now in Orlando, FL for school. My other hobbies are video games (PC, havent got a nextgen console yet), Ice Hockey/Skating, and trying to get a finger, toe, hand, foot or otherwise somewhat expendable appendage into the games industry.

In my free time (yeah right) I work as a first-person and third-person animator for the Half-Life 2 mod "Resistance and Liberation" ( They're approaching beta and so far I've done almost all the weapon animations and have begun cleanup on their original movement animations. RnL is, unfortunately, a "do it when I have time" project, which means almost never right now due to my reel and school.

My site is barely up; for now you can watch QuickTime versions of the animations hosted here and see my resume there; once I've graduated and a bit of free time on my hands I'll be fixing it up.